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ArcumSoft Application

Deliver a complete navigation and services experience for connected vehicles with a turnkey solution.

Discover a new direction for navigation and connected services

ArcumApp is a turnkey and fresh in-vehicle navigation experience with HERE Navigation.

Developing and maintaining a navigation system is both expensive and time-consuming. Not only do you have to build it, but to stay competitive you must constantly launch new features and roll out fresh updates.

With ArcumApp and HERE Navigation, you can give your end-users the latest in-vehicle navigation without any of the hassles of building and maintaining it.

Start by choosing from a full set of UX, features and services to give your drivers as standard. Rather than investing in your own developers, get automatic updates directly from HERE*.

ArcumSoft Portal

ArcumSoft Portal, a web application dedicated to distribution and collection.

ArcumSoft Portal is a web-based application. It works with the ArcumSoft Navi mobile application. It offers the necessary management tools to monitor and coordinate the routes of vehicles and employees using the navigation application on the map. Facility locations, routes and service locations can be visualized on the map.

Key benefits of ArcumSoft Portal:

  • Real-time monitoring of vehicles moving in the field on the map.
  • Vehicle routes, service locations, visualization of facilities on the map.
  • Ability to track vehicles and other users collectively or individually in multiple map windows.
  • To be able to define routes with daily service, vehicle, and personnel availability management.
  • Separate coloring of visited and non-visited service locations.
  • Wide reporting feature of routes. Instant status of targeted collection and distribution locations.
  • Detailed description and reporting of vehicles and other users.
  • Recording and analyzing the route followed by vehicles and users.
  • Ability to work with ArcumSoft Navi in real time. Updating routes, messaging, and work order management.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Perfect integration and navigation of RouteSmart** routes,
  • Ability to work with common map services upon request.
  • Planning different routes for seven days a week.
  • Advanced user management.
  • Dark theme support for energy saving.

Arcumsoft Navi

Navigation app ArcumSoft Navi for field collection and distribution visits.

Navigation application ArcumSoft Navi meets the professional navigation app need for drivers to follow the routes prepared in RouteSmart on the field. Route components such as service and facility locations can be loaded into the application.

The application ensures that the routes outputted in RouteSmart are navigated in the same way in the field, thus saving fuel and time, which achieves high increase in business volume.

Key benefits of ArcumSoft Navi application:
  • Voice navigation guidance. Sound on and off feature.
  • Multi-language support. Voice guidance in many languages besides Turkish.
  • Navigation direction signs for turning from street to street.
  • Indication of estimated time, remaining time, and distance during navigation when the route will be completed.
  • Voice information and safety warnings during navigation.
  • Simulation mode; The feature of making a one-to-one preview of the routes before using them in the field. In this way, by seeing the challenges that may occur in the field, it is possible to provide the desired changes in the routes in advance at the office.
  • Integrated system with HERE Technologies* map service infrastructure. Optionally using HERE services (live traffic service, app view etc.) on the map background.
  • Optional visualization of the map background. 3D, POI, etc. ability to toggle similar visualizations.
  • Adding service locations (postal and cargo distribution and collection points, container points, street cleaning, etc.) to the navigation route and visualizing and processing during navigation.
  • Facility locations (starting facility, intermediate facilities, warehouses, finishing facilities or garages) can be added to the navigation route and visualized and manipulated during navigation.
  • Automatic return routing for vehicle breakdowns or maintenance.
  • Ability to identify license plate, driver name or code.
  • Ability to work with HERE online services and offline maps.
  • Dark theme support for energy saving.
  • Ability to work with ArcumSoft Portal.
    • Real-time tracking of vehicle locations with license plate definitions.
    • Messaging with the portal.
    • Ability to send image, video, and sensor data to ArcumSoft Portal.
    • Integrated user authorization with ArcumSoft Portal.
  • Ready to use on smartphones and tablets.

* For additional information, please visit HERE Technologies web site: www.here.com

** For additional information, please visit RouteSmart web site: www.routesmart.com