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Consultancy Services

Professional Services

Professional Services, Professional consultancy services are provided to our customers for the products and corporate project requirements provided by ArcumSoft.

The scope of consultancy and support service can be provided by professional staff together with our business partners DNV Digital Solutions, RouteSmart, and HERE which we represent, when necessary. ArcumSoft offers its business partner consultant resources to its customers with professional project management philosophy.

Geographic Information System Services

System Architecture, we transfer the necessary knowledge to our customers to meet the corporate GIS needs and to integrate Geographic Information System technologies with other IT systems. We offer our customers the services of software and hardware analysis and reporting of desktop, server, database architecture and mobile architecture required for GIS technologies. Software architecture design, consultancy planning and project plan creation for integration requirements are also among the services provided.

Spatial Database Design, spatial database design is one of the most important stages of GIS projects. Spatial database structure is analyzed and created in accordance with institutional needs.

Web and Mobile Applications, Web and mobile technologies are important for expanding the use of GIS technologies, opening them outside the organization, and reducing costs. We provide you with consultancy support for web and mobile applications to meet user needs.

Desktop Applications, we provide you with the necessary system design support to meet the needs of professional users in the organization to produce and manage GIS data and similar needs.

Data Quality: It covers the necessary consultancy services for the improvement of GIS data in the organization, its integration with topological arrangements or textual data. It covers the establishment of procedures for keeping the data in the organization up-to-date, and the establishment of necessary methods and mechanisms for data collection from the field.

Support and Training

Together with our business partners, we can provide 24/7 support for the products and services we provide. ArcumSoft provides first-hand user support of software and data solutions and coordinates advanced support services and brings them together with its customers.

You can contact us for more information.